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"It is with immense pleasure I recollect that we started Diligent Group, in year two thousand and five with only two persons, that is myself and my wife, with only us doller two hundred and fifty capital, and by now we have grown up to this level worldwide.

Our dream is to develop a business conglomerate worldwide, where Twenty Five Thousand Good People will be working. we have chosen to follow below philosophy in our lives, both private, and professional, including myself to all the Members at Diligent. "

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Mr. Abdulrazaq Lari

" Appreciate the Excellent Service and friendly atmosphere, and help we received during our entire visit in your esteemed organization" -Mr. Abdulrazaq Lari-

Ms. Geraldine Lim Su Mei

" A Very Pleasant Experience – A Credit to Sri Lanka" -Ms. Geraldine Lim Su Mei-

Mr. Wisam Costandi

" Diligent supported us even after the candidates selection in that they helped with all the paperwork since they knew about laws in Qatar" -Mr. Wisam Costandi-

Mr. Suhail

" On behalf of HDC, I would like to Thank Diligent Consultant in assisting us in finding Good Applicants." -Mr. Suhail-

Mr. Ahmed Sabir

" My first time to Sri Lanka, and was amazed by the sincere and loving hospitality received during my short stay." -Mr. Ahmed Sabir-